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SPIE IMO is made up of two operational businesses with decades of combined experience in industrial plant construction and servicing in the chemical, petrochemical, energy and environmental sectors.

These businesses are well-known industry partners for building and modifying industrial systems, their maintenance and revision (turnarounds) and servicing throughout the lifetime of the plant.


Florian König

Dr. Florian König has been head of Business Unit Process within SPIE Industry Service since February 1st, 2020, where also SPIE IMO companies belong to

After completing an apprenticeship in banking as well as obtaining his degree and PhD in Business Administration, Florian König began his career in plant engineering at Mannesmann Demag. There he held several positions including CFO of Demag Hamilton in the UK. After his job time abroad, he returned to Germany to take on the role as CFO at a sewage treatment plant construction company. Before moving to SPIE IMO, he spent time as part of the management team at a pipeline and industrial services company.

Matthias Müller

After training as an industrial mechanic, Mr. Müller worked, with interruptions at school, for many years for a medium-sized manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, where he held positions including service technician, head of service, head of production and COO.

He then worked for a medium-sized piping manufacturer, where he was responsible for
the development of an international sales network and the establishment of a production and sales company in South Africa.
Since 2018, Mr. Müller has been with SPIE Industry Service and has so far worked exclusively as Managing Director of SPIE FLUIDSERV in Ludwigshafen. In addition to AMO, he will continue to be responsible for this company.

Martin Skladal

​Mr. Martin Skladal has been Managing Director of SPIE IMO Service GmbH since 2020 and a partner of SPIE Industry Service Group since 2019. Mr. Skladal is primary responsible for the SPIE IMO Service locations in Ludwigshafen, Schwedt and Premnitz.

Before his appointment as Managing Director, Mr. Skladal spent time working in several different areas at SPIE IMO Merseburg. He started as an apprentice building services mechanic at SPIE IMO Merseburg in 2000. Following this he was employed by the company, spending time in the areas of work preparation, costing, quality and materials management as well as construction and project management. In 2017, Mr. Skladal moved within the group to become the location manager in Schwedt for IMO Service and worked as the Technical Director before taking on the role of Managing Director in 2019.​

Alongside his work, Mr. Skladal earned a “Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)” in a distance learning programme.



ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
DIN EN ISO 14064-3:2022 (Carbonfootprint 2022)
DIN EN ISO 14064-3:2022 (Carbonfootprint 2022)
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 45001:2018
AD2000 - HP0
AD2000 - HP0
AD2000 - HP0
AD2000 - HP0
AD2000 - HP0
AD2000 - HP0
§62 AwSV - WHG-Fachbetrieb
§62 AwSV - WHG-Fachbetrieb
§62 AwSV - WHG-Fachbetrieb
§62 AwSV - WHG-Fachbetrieb
AGFW FW 601 - Fachunternehmen Fernwärme
AGFW FW 601 - Fachunternehmen Fernwärme
2014/68/EU (PED)
2014/68/EU (PED)
DGR - Modul A2
DGR - Modul A2


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SPIE IMO is part of the SPIE Industry Service

As a pump specialist, SPIE IMO is part of ROBUR, a group of companies now comprising >30 partner companies – with a long-term growth course.

With just under 3.000 colleagues, the group generates a turnover of EUR 350 Mio.. in 2022. That‘s making it one of the top 10 industrial service providers in Germany.

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The values and benchmarks of what we do together

The ROBUR 4×4, together with the values, the partner manifesto, the guiding principles and the service guidelines, form our common framework of values and define the benchmarks for everything we to together – so that ROBUR is understood in the same way in all companies of the group and is lived in the same way by all colleagues.


We work like entrepreneurs

With their decisions and actions, each member of the Group and each colleague contributes to achieving the goals of the individual company, to the growth of the Group as a whole, to the satisfaction and safety of our colleagues, and ultimately to the success of our customers.

We work together as partners, stay curious and shape the future

We are stronger and better together. We respect one another, listen to each other, and solicit and respect the opinions and experience of every colleague at all levels. We are always looking for new, innovative and efficient solutions, and encourage our people to think and head in new directions. We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. We don’t stop at the company‘s boundaries in the search for new ideas and developments. Close cooperation with our business partners and suppliers along the entire value chain is crucial to our success

We deliver quality

We are specialists, and advise customers as equals. We are certified and bring about long-term success for our customers.

We offer job security and opportunities for advancement

Our people are what makes us successful. We give them the freedom to further their professional development, ask for and promote their own initiatives. Through the right tools and sound work organization, we create a secure working environment and so ensure the professional future of every colleague.

Partner manifesto

ROBUR – growing together successfully!

Personal growth

The independence, performance and success of the individual entrepreneur is the foundation of our group. As entrepreneurs, we continuously scrutinize the status quo and proactively develop new strategies for our company, our business unit and the Group as a whole. We subordinate our own sovereignty and strategies for the sake of the success of the Group and our business unit. This is how we transcend ourselves.

Growing together

Our cooperation is focused, pragmatic and solution-oriented. But above all, we are respectful, concentrated and appreciative in our dealings and interactions with one another. Common guidelines provide support for our decisions and regulate cooperation. Guidelines can be re-examined, and breaking them might even make success possible initially – but we only take this decision together with the Managing Partners in the interest of the business unit and the Group. Because we can only grow together.

Growing into a champion

We learn from each other and through the inclusion of partners close to us; we learn from our customers, colleagues and suppliers. Because we listen actively, review and continuously optimize our products and services, and incorporate our customers’ wishes into our solutions, we are constantly improving. We are a valued, long-term partner for our customers. And thereby a champion in our business field.

Growing further as a group

Our shared vision is to develop ROBUR into a leading industrial service provider in terms of quality and innovation, together with our partners. This objective defines our behavior and is the guiding principle for all our decisions. Our vision is the driving force behind internal growth and a catalyst for the Group’s further growth through the integration of new partners. Partners who improve our service portfolio for our customers and provide inspiration for our own optimizations. Meaning everyone can grow.

Management principles

Participation, appreciation, trust, transparency: The ROBUR management principles

We are all committed to our colleagues and encourage achievement. We provide credible orientation and focus, not only on short-term economic results, but also on long-term objectives and visions.

We treat each other fairly and with the greatest respect. We are clear, honest and give constructive feedback promptly. We engage in active listening and respectful communication with each other. We create a constructive conflict culture based on an ethos of mistakes and learning.

We support networking across organisational boundaries. In doing so, we encourage the influence of the individual beyond our own company. Our basic principle is that it is influence that counts, not position. Positions without influence impede success.

We weigh all relevant rational and intuitive information, and justify decisions in a transparent manner. This increases the quality of decisions and supports their acceptance.

Service principles

We are customer-centric

We place the needs of our customers and business partners at the center of everything we do. We are constantly looking for improvements and new solutions. We create value through the quality of our work.

We act safely & successfully over the long term

We place health & safety of our colleagues, the protection of the environment combined with the safety of our customers’ systems, at the heart of our work.
We not only see the short-term success of a project, but also want to work successfully, trustingly and in partnership with our customers over the long term.
The creativity, energy and experience of our people form the basis of our success.

We work ethically & socially

We act in accordance with ethical principles and in compliance with international conventions and standards.
We treat customers, colleagues and business partners loyally and fairly.
We acknowledge our social responsibility to society and the environment.

We are passionate and forward-thinking

We are at home with a wide range of industrial technologies, so that we can offer our customers first-class service in a time and cost-saving manner.
There is a reason for our passion for technological innovations and consistent success – we are curious about the future and want to play an active role in shaping it.