During construction of the new Borstar PE4 plant in Schwechat, Austria (the largest plastics manufacturer in Austria), SPIE  IMO was responsible for interface management as well as piping fabrication and installation of process equipment. SPIE  IMO functioned as a partner during the planning and construction phases as well as GMC for the PE4 plant.

Interface management

  • 68,000 m² corrosion protection
  • scaffolding
  • non-destructive materials testing (16,807 seams tested out of a total 72,290 seams)

Piping construction

  • Prefabrication and installation of approx. 1,200 t of piping
  • prefabrication and installation of 320 t of support brackets

Process Equpiment installation

  • 2,400 t of equipments(273 items)
  • 990 t of structural steel
  • 9,500 m² of gratings and wall cladding

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